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Joseph Gaudio, DDS

Gaudio Cosmetic Dentistry



Thomas S.

May 6, 2016

The experience at Gaudio Cosmetic Dentistry went above and beyond my expectations of a dreaded routine dental check-up.

It wasn’t just about teeth, but the way your whole head works together with your teeth and affects the quality of your health. I’ll go over my first visit so you can get an idea of how thorough the office runs. And this is even before my first cleaning, which I scheduled for next week.

The first appointment involved X-rays and an evaluation. They took a panaramic X-ray which went all the way around my head, and then the standard X-ray where they make you bite down on a piece of plastic. Then they checked the gums and took pictures of each tooth. They explained how my bite is causing two of my bottom teeth to wear away and how that might cause other problems with my molars. They even showed an animation to illustrate the problem and compared it to video of my teeth. I was told to wear a night guard at night and how that might relieve the wear on my teeth and even reduce headaches in the morning. No one has ever taken the time to really evaluate all aspects of my teeth and the relationship that might have with my overall health.

Overall, the reception desk was extremely friendly and informative. The dental assistant was honest, helpful, and caring, offering me advice about my breath, cavities, whitening, and just life in general. Joseph was also very kind and offered great advice.

I look forward to my future visits!



Richard Y.

Mar 29, 2016

All I can say is I wish I made a switch years ago to Dr Gaudio.

The staff was truly friendly and professional . Carmen, in the Office just couldn’t be more helpful.

Jess was awesome too



Michael F.

Mar 16, 2016

If you are looking for a truly professional dental office this is it!!

The staff is truly helpful and friendly, the hygienist is top shelf and the main main Dr. G……He is informative, friendly and extremely willing to educate his clients on not only curative medicine but focusing on preventative as well. Thank you all, I’m so happy to have you superstars as my dental health sentinels!!!